Skid Steer Services

Efficient Solutions for Your Construction Needs

Our skid steer services are available for any size project. Skid steers are a versatile machine that is fit for many applications and jobs. Whether you need land grading, brush removal, drainage, field mowing, post hole digging or gravel driveway installation, you can count on us to get the job done in a quick, professional and timely manner.

  • Land grading
  • Harley raking – Power raking
  • Land clearing & removal
  • Excavating pools & ponds
  • Gravel driveway installation & repair
  • Concrete & deck removal
  • Field mowing
  • Post hole Digging
  • Lawn Installation
  • Drainage
  • Trenching
  • Tree planting & removal

Skid Steer Services

Land Grading:

Our land grading services can transform your yard to have the proper drainage necessary. We can also get rid of those unwanted bumps and dips in your yard as well.

Harley Raking – Power Raking

Harley raking, also known as power raking, is used for a multiple of applications. A power rake can be used for final lawn grading, removing gravel from top layer of soil, gravel driveway repair and to get rid of those unwanted bumps and dips in your lawn.

Land Clearing & Removal

We can provide you with land clearing services at affordable rates. Whether you need a newly purchased overgrown property cleared, or you want to remove overgrown areas on your property, we can assist your needs.

Excavating Pools & Ponds

We can excavate your pool or pond at an affordable price. D&G Landscaping can assist you in removing or relocating soil on your property.

Gravel Driveway/Parking lot Installation & Repair

Does your driveway or parking lot have those unwanted potholes or weeds? A lot of times we can repair your driveway or parking lot with the existing gravel onsite, which saves you money in return. We also install new gravel driveways and parking lots at affordable rates.

Concrete & Deck Removal

Sit back and relax while we remove your concrete patio, driveway or sidewalk. We’ll take care of the removal and disposal for you. We also remove wood decks and fences too.

Field Mowing

Our field mowing service will take care of that overgrown lot that was neglected all year. Whether it’s a quarter of an acre or ten-acre lot, we’ve got you covered.

Post Hole Digging

If you’re in need of our post hole digging services for your fence or decking we can help. Our equipment is able to dig down as far as 48”.

Lawn Installation

Once we prepare your lawn with our harley raking services, we can install your new lawn with sod or seed.


We can perform drainage retention and culvert services for your property to ensure water is directed to the right place.


We can trench areas for running underground irrigation, electric or drains for your property. Leave the trenching to us and we’ll be done in no time.

Tree Planting

We can install a wide variety of new trees to add character to your home. We have hundreds of different species to choose from.

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